Guess who came to my house!

The other day I had a surprise visitor. He came to deliver a message that; obviously, I had been missing for a while. And let me tell you I got the message.


I’m a big fan of animal cards. If you don’t know what that is, they are cards with Native American interpretations. Maybe it’s because I have a little of that culture in me but I think everyone has some long, lost grandma who was Native American too. If not, then you really are missing out. My heritage is such a mixture, it would be hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I am, and I like it that way because it means, simply, that I am one of God’s children, just like everyone else.


But, I digress. Animal cards, which I get on my computer and are supposedly thoroughly random, don’t believe it for a moment, kept telling me that I was receiving a message from the other side and that woodpecker would continue to peck until I acknowledged the message. Frustrated, I sat at my computer, with head in hands, and mentioned to God in my sweet way that undoubtedly I was unable to get the message since he had been giving it to me for months. Then I asked, again sweetly, you know I did, that he give me the message so that a mere mortal could understand. Nothing…..


When I went back down stairs to have breakfast with Claude, I told him about the animal cards and that I was just a little frustrated. About that time a raven flew into a tree close to our window. And then another. Claude mentioned to me what he thought they meant in Native American lore and I told him that I thought they were messengers. I decided to go back upstairs and look for that computerized random card so that I could be truthful when I told him what I thought it meant. On the way up stairs I asked for the raven or crow card.


Guess what. When I hit the button, just guess what came up. And I thanked God for the beautiful raven card I was looking at. Then I thought of how we create our own realities. That’s when the 6’5” tall, blonde haired man in light showed up behind my right shoulder. So how did I know what he looked like when I hadn’t turned my head? I’m psychic. Anyway, he said this, “That’s your lesson. That’s the one you missed. You are a creator. Now create.”


I almost cried. What I was teaching everyone else, I had forgotten. His soft voice reminded me. And I got a visit from an angel, just in case you didn’t know.


Da Juana