Guilt is an emotion many of us experience. The feeling is horrific and, most often, most would do anything to assuage it. It can create all kinds of bodily problems. But did you know that it can cause spiritual ones as well?

For years I counseled others on the gravity of guilt in their lives. My thoughts were that if one lived responsibly by trying not to hurt others and lived to create happiness in their lives then they’d have no need for guilt. But, I’ve found there are times you’re going to hurt others just by the very nature of trying to live your best.

Looking back over my life, I’ve noticed a pattern of giving in to others in order to maintain peace and harmony. The only one not harmonious was me. Now, after years of preaching to others to let go the guilt in their lives when they’ve done the best they can, my motto is “Physician heal thyself” and I’m engaging it each moment.
Without the lack of guilt and, thus, happiness in your life, you may not be utilizing one of the best spiritual gifts God has entrusted to you. Guilt is a useless emotion good for no one. Stop it in your life before it’s rooted like a heavy old tree and takes on a life of its own denying you of a wonderful spiritual gift.

Now, I try to start each day remembering gratitude for the lesson I’ve learned and seeing that day as a new adventure. There are so many wonderful items in this world to enjoy when you let go that useless emotion and allow yourself the ability to enjoy all you touch.

Live guilt free is my best advice and my is my gift to you today.

Da Juana