Halloween is probably my favorite holiday and not because of religion either as some might like to believe.  I’m not religious, just spiritual.  For all those gasps I just heard, guess what, Jesus wasn’t religious either, he was Jewish and very spiritual.  Every religion is centered on someone they think spiritually good.  And believe it or not, most every religion carries the same premise.  But enough about religion, why I love Halloween is what I would like to share.More...

Like Muffin, I love the idea of Halloween.  Weather is generally crisp but not so cold you freeze and there’s a sense of camaraderie, not only from the children who trick or treat but also from the parents and people who provide the treats.  A sense of festival is in the air like going to a state fair.  It only comes once a year and it seems bigger and better than any country affair.  Children get excited about being able to trick or treat, bring home candy to last for a year after eating enough to make a horse sick and do so without interference from mother and daddy. 

When I was a child, my minister father forgot that this was All Hallows Eve, a time not looked well upon by his religion although religion celebrates other pagan holidays without most knowing their doing so.  Instead he let us be kids.  And we were.  We walked for miles with our pillowslips or brown bags without ever feeling the huge load we were carrying because it was Halloween and it only came once a year.

I remember one older lady down the street.  Each year all us kids made it to her house because guess what you got?  One big home made popcorn ball with real syrup and a candied apple she had spent all day making.  Even if you went to her house late and we tried not to, she still had those popcorn balls and apples for us.  It was the highlight of our night.

Even now, when you have to watch which house your child visits, children and adults alike get into the spirit of giving and accepting without restrictions.  That’s one of the reasons I like Halloween so much.  You don’t have to break the bank on presents like how commercial Christmas has become and you don’t have any thoughts of getting presents back, that is, unless you go door-to-door.  It doesn’t cost much to make children and adults alike forget the ho-hum dull drums of day-to-day life.  Looking forward to and celebrating a day, or forgive me, evening in a carefree fashion.  That’s what a holiday should be.

And another thing, I like all the little ghosts and goblins, both kiddies dressed up in their favorite costume and those who treat me from the other side.

Da Juana