Halo around the moon….

The other night, while I was enjoying a good talk with a friend, a neighbor called to ask if I knew why there was a halo around the moon.  Oh, and by the way, the moon was spectacular.  And another thing, she said ring around the moon.  I called it a halo because that’s what it reminds me of.More... 

Anyway, she related that she and her kids were out lying on the ground looking up and just wondered if the world was coming to an end or something.  When I mentioned that it was just a halo around the moon and that was all I ever thought it was, my friend stated that it was a ring around the moon caused by rain in the forecast.  Well it hasn’t rained since.

But it brings me to this point, I know a lot when it comes to ghosts and such and really some science too but am I supposed to be a walking encyclopedia for other items?  Of course I do like learning and am constantly researching but again, do I look like someone that knows everything?  Do I present that image?

My husband says, “Yes, I know it all.”

Should I hurt the man?  He says hugs for complimentary but is he really complimenting?  A psychic should know that, shouldn’t they?

By the way, do you know why there was a halo around the moon?  Please let me know too.

Da Juana