Happiness is deciding to be!

Last week, I made up my mind to be happy again. Since Claude’s stroke, I have had to tell people to do as I say not as I do. That is a very unsettling proposition for me. This means that I had backslidden so much that I allowed myself the pity party. Of course, I was fighting it but……it was still there. Since I know that we create our own situations, this was a real set back for me because I just sat there and felt as if life was passing me by. It wasn’t. I just made a choice to ignore life for a while which is not good for me. Oh, I was going through the motions but felt as if I was walking in deep water.

It wasn’t just Claude’s stroke but that was a big part of it. There was a lot more. It was a terrible time and people, who I was supposed to trust, took something that I needed very badly at that time. It is making them a lot of money, which we could have used and still can. What is funny is that I knew it wasn’t going to have my name on it. And I was right. Then I let myself feel what any human would, anger, remorse, pity, and on and on…….Sometimes being a psychic can be upsetting for me too, not just the person being read by me because I always, even when I see something bad, try to look out into the future for better for them. I got over it after a while but it still hurt. And I will never forget it. But……

I decided last Tuesday to become happy again. Now I see life in a better way. The only person I can control, emotionally, physically, and mentally is me. Claude has to do it for himself. Others have to do it for themselves. And I have to forgive myself for trusting someone who let me down and I have. Now, I am better and ready to take on the world again. I might have to wait on some things but it is because I want to now.

Da Juana