Happy Birthday eve Connie!

Tomorrow is Connie’s birthday and she is going to spend a big part of it with me. Wouldn’t you know that it would be just like me to have a close girlfriend that was born in the same month as I was? I couldn’t help it. The first time I met her it was as if we were long lost sisters. She lights up a room when she enters it. Always looking at the better parts of people but on occasion my sweet little southern sister can say a bad word. You want that in a friend.


She’s taken some of my worst. Like the time she was writing a check for something she had bought. This woman is a shopper. Well, I was standing next to her and kind of glanced over with a look of hurt on my face. That’s what the sales person saw too. Then very sweetly, I told Connie how much I loved her. The next sentence went something like this: “Though I love you Connie, I really want you to quit sleeping with my husband. You know I love you both but this has to stop.”


On cue, Connie throws her head up and looks at me and says with all the dignity she could muster, “Da Juana?”


The sales person could only see the floor. Her head was glued downward but I did catch a glimpse of her trying to see if I would murder Connie right there. I added, “Please stop,” with all the pressure I could put into the two words. Nothing Connie could say would make the lady change her mind about the home wrecking friend she was.


So, I guess I owe it to her to be nice tomorrow. You know, though I don’t lie, Connie is so easy. And we laugh a lot. Happy Birthday Eve my friend. Do you think I’m bad?


Da Juana