Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!  Happy Birthday to me!  Is it bad to sing it to yourself?  I don’t think so.  Of course, I’ve been doing it all day long.  This has been one of my best yet.  But any new birthday should be one of your best yet, just because you’re having it, no matter your age.More... 

People I love have been calling all day and Debra even wrote to wish me a happy twentieth.  Isn’t that a wonderful sentiment?  Generally, I’m not one that wants this much attention but today I’m rolling in it.  My daughter called bright and early and I won’t tell you what she said because it didn’t sound mother and daughterish.  And the phone has just kept on ringing. 

I was thinking how nice it is to have people let you know they love you.  Some people don’t have the same opportunity today.  Calls from loved ones make for the best presents you can get and I’m mighty lucky in that department. 

But there are some who never hear anything good from others.  I noticed that today at lunch.  Behind Claude and me sat a man, woman and child.  The man was loudly telling the woman she shouldn’t eat.  She answered that he’d brought her there and she thought she would eat.  Then he proceeded to tell her how fat she was.  I saw her.  She was tiny.  But that’s the way the meal progressed with whatever he could think of to put her down.  He even had their two or three year old daughter doing it. 

For a moment I stopped singing Happy Birthday to myself and wanted to give him, well, let’s not call it a compliment but you get my drift.  Then I thought; it’s my birthday.  Don’t go activist right here.  You know I have a problem with men picking on women since I lived in an abusive situation but won’t go into detail.  Now, I tend to stop and mention little things to men I see acting like that.  But today I didn’t.  I did pray for them though.  And I was nice about the prayer for all their sakes.  What I could have done to be even nicer was to say hello but I didn’t.

Claude says that I’m very considerate in giving compliments.  But I only do it where they’re due.  Maybe I should have complimented the woman, in front of the man, on her ability to sit there quietly while her husband made a complete and utter fool of himself.  But you know what?  It’s a sad situation all around.  Think about what that little girl will consider normal.  This is a spiritual lesson for all including me.  Guess it came at a very opportune time.  On my birthday. 

Da Juana