Happy Birthday….

Happy Birthday to those born this month.  You are wonderful people and I should know because I was born in this month too.  Many of my friends have a Libra birth date.  And if not in their sun sign, then surely it will be somewhere in their chart.  Libra’s really are close to my heart. More...

Don’t want to leave any other astrological sign out but you know this is my birth month, along with my friends, Connie, Russ and Debra. 

Oh, and wanted to mention to you this too.  This morning we had to change the smoke detector battery.  You know how they beep.  Well, Madeline is scared of that noise.  So she went and hid under the bed.  After we changed the battery, I went back to my shower.  I found Mysti lying beside the bed looking under it.  That was a first.  She was keeping Madeline company because she knew her little sister was frightened.  That means I really do have two sweet puppies.

Oh and another thing, I thought Madeline was over barking at ghost who cast shadows on the wall but I was wrong.  One popped up on the wall the other night.  Madeline was beside me and she became the protective puppy.  It took a while to calm her down.  Claude asked what had gotten into her and I mentioned that she must not have gotten over seeing them but in her defense this one got me too.  One moment it wasn’t there and the next he was. 

Do I sound happy?  My brother from out-of-state is coming in this weekend.  Yeah!!! And his sweet wife too.  Don’t want to forget her.  We’re having a new baby born to my nephew.  Guess when?  He’s Jonah Allen born in, get this, I know the suspense is getting to you.  He’s a Libra baby.  Right around my birthday.  Yeah!!!

Da Juana