Happy Halloween Eve!

Well, tonight is Halloween Eve. As a child, I couldn’t wait for tomorrow night because that was when we could go house-to-house trick or treating. And we always came home with enough candy for the entire years. There was one little old lady who actually made homemade popcorn balls for us. Am I giving away my age?


Kids today don’t really know what they are missing since they have never been able to do that trick or treating thing. Of course, we never tricked. We only got the treats and it was okay even with my church for us to go. There was no horrible connotation to that special children’s night. Another thing is that we knew which houses we weren’t to visit.


Those were the days…….as Edith sang.


Tomorrow morning I am going to be on Good Morning Texas for those of you who reside in the metro plex of Dallas, Fort Worth. So please watch.


And for all you kids my age, take a walk back down memory lane to the good times of Halloween when the world was younger and much more innocent.


Da Juana