Happy Thanksgiving

Claude, Madeline and I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Here’s hoping that you have the best ever, that you enjoy family, friends and everything you do this week.

Forgive me for not writing and keeping you abreast of what’s happening around me.  I’ve had to take some time to think and you know how good I am at that.  Connie says too good.  Even though I’m quick to do whatever, there are times I have to think.  This month has been one of those times.

Even the other side has given me a little space although they’ve been all around me.  Sometimes, they even make me laugh at the manner in which they appear and how they act.  However, they always come to teach me in some manner.  Like Mysti coming to me and running through dimensions so that only a part of her shoulder and front legs appeared.  It was a comfort to see even that much.  My brother’s been silent here lately.

Or the man, who walked at the end of my bed so that I could see his side but appeared in my mirror so that I could see him full frontal, clothed though, especially his face and those eyes.  Then he turned at the end of my bed.  He walked right beside me but was shorter because he appeared to be walking about two feet below the foundation of the house.  This man wanted me to see him and he made sure I did.

Right after the man disappeared a bird flew across my bedroom ceiling.

So you can see that I’ve been busy even with my thinking.

Have a great Thanksgiving and we’ll get together here again soon.  I’m still taking some of that time to think.

Da Juana