Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve! This is one of the better holidays and not just because I’m getting candy or the very beautiful yellow mums and yellow-orange-pink tulips I’ve already received but because it’s a time of looking over friendships and being grateful that you have those friends dotting your life.

From pets to the humans who’ve become a part of your life, we’re very fortunate to enjoy the love shown by those who admit to being our Valentine.

This time of year creates an environment that affords you the ability to scour your memories for all the wonder of your close relationships remembering the good times and the bad because that’s what makes close connections.

Childhood memories of my family, friends and more are running through my mind as I share with you my thoughts on what Valentine’s Day truly is such as fishing with my daddy and two brothers on a little creek where I found a baby quail. The times we had together couldn’t be measured in any concrete way but they left indelible impressions on my psyche just like the time my mother threw rotten eggs out the canning house, hit me in the head with more than one and then was unable to wash the odor out. I know. I know. I left you at canning house, didn’t I?

Laughter and tears are part of the fabric woven by life like the day my baby girl was born or when I first saw Madeline, my puppy dog. That’s what Valentine’s Day is.

So take this time to enjoy revisiting some of your favorite moments. Then share with those you love at this magical, loving time of the year.

Da Juana

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