Have you ever had a feeling that something great or not so great was about to happen?

Have you ever had a feeling that something great or not so great was about to happen? If so and it did then you can consider yourself psychic like me.

When I returned from vacation with the crud I got while there or right before I continued to feel horrible. It was so bad in fact that I told my trainer that I could barely move. Consequently I was thinking of returning to my doctor for another thyroid panel. It was so oppressive and kept getting worse.

For the last year I’ve wanted to stay away from movies because I felt something catastrophic would happen. My trainer even mentioned a few weeks ago that he was about go and take his daughter. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut about his going but I didn’t truly think it would happen here and for that matter wasn’t really sure it would occur.

As I sat around one morning after going to bed early the night before yet again thinking that I would get better if I rested the news popped up stating that there had been a shooting in Colorado.

This is going to sound horrible but my lungs filled with air and all of a sudden my breathing was better along with a surge of energy. And though I started praying for those souls who’d been killed it occurred to me then that the reason for my malaise was simply because I’m a psychic and a medium.

So, if you’ve ever felt like that and suddenly gotten better after a major life’s event, you’d better take the time to notice. Then you can start to make your talents increase.

Da Juana

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