Have you ever noticed how anger truly makes you feel?

Have you ever noticed how anger truly makes you feel?

When you’re really angry, blood rushes to your head leaving you light-headed, breathing increases and a full shot of adrenaline hits your body leaving you feeling the after affects for at least twenty-four hours. That run-down, drowsy, wanting to cover-your-head, lack-of-control feeling leaves you wishing for better but also makes you aware you’re not sure how to get whatever it is you’re seeking. Even if you’re only semi-angry, you engage in at least half the reaction just described. Anger can keep you awake revisiting the event which created your angry stupor.

Sustained anger and its effects lead to hazardous health issues such as: diabetes, heart disease, and other horrible life-debilitating illness which leads to death more quickly– not to mention it just makes you feel lousy. After all, disease means you’re not at ease with your body. Angers reactions lets you know for sure you’re uneasy.

Why am I writing on the miserable effects of anger instead of something uplifting and positive?

Well, you know I’m a psychic and a medium. When I see something that is a plague, then I try to aid in relieving the situation. And right now, anger is a plague attacking our world, a world in which we all must live.

For the last few years, I’ve seen more rage, a fear-based emotion, rather than any other feeling. And, as you’ve heard me exclaim before, “thought and emotion manifest.” Do we really want to feel lousy all the time from the anger we feel? It seems we’re not even aware of what we’re creating. We need to become more aware and that’s where I’m coming from because our world is becoming more and more diseased.

Given the choice you’d rather be happy rather than angry, wouldn’t you? So let’s look at the reason we’re unhappy. Is it because we feel out of control? Is it because we feel we’re not being listened to? Is it because we feel we’re unable to control our standard of living or because our family is suffering? There are many reasons behind our worldly unhappiness. Now is the time to take back individual command of our situation.

So, with control in mind, what can you do to construct your very own happiest world? Before you start sounding off with frustration and retorting it’s because of politics or the economy or anything else you can’t regulate, think about your anger situation for a moment. Release every item you can’t govern.

Start with only one thing that’ll make you happier. Stop allowing outside circumstances to burden you with anger. Find reasons to smile and do it more. Look for funny movies, books, stories and television to share so you might make your friends, family and neighbors smile only because it makes you happier. Just thinking about laughter or something funny lifts some of the anger. Happiness courses through your body leading to a sense of ease.

Keep your smile and go on to other issues you can regulate one item at a time. Meditate through whatever medium you need and find out how to be your happiest. Then initiate whatever you need to achieve that pleasure.

When the whole world as individuals starts this process, our world will be healed before it’s too late to turn back the disease. We can do it. You and I can start the process right now. Please help.

Da Juana