Have you ever noticed that when you’re alone your senses become more heightened?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re alone your senses become more heightened? That’s your psychic response to common events around you. Something that generally doesn’t bother you at all may make you jump at the smallest sound.

Human beings are really entities that would rather be in groups like the dog. What you say? Don’t compare me to a dog. Well if you were a dog lover (didn’t say owner because no one truly is) you’d know that you can’t find a more faithful friend than your furry companion. And I’m also finding the same thing with a cat now even when she says “Me Now” and means it.

The reason I’m bringing my dog into this mix is because when your senses are already heightened, ghosts are all around you and you and your dog are the only physical ones in the house it stands to reason that when your dog jumps you will too. Other dogs that’ve lived with me were used to the ghosts after a while and this little white one generally is but the other night she had exaggerated heightened senses too.

You’ve probably had the hair stand up on the back of your neck and had the feeling someone was watching you even though there was no one but you in the room. Knowing what I know as the medium I am I hate to be the bearer of this news but you undoubtedly really weren’t alone. Ghosts like to do this so that you know they’re there and so that you realize the psychic or medium talents you have. So, sometimes they’ll even touch you on the back or like the other night visit you in shadow form again and make all sorts of noises. And these noises aren’t the house settling either if you know what I mean. It’s something that you get up and go check.

Ghostly beings were all over the house. I kept seeing them walk by where I sat watching the television. And the sound on the TV wasn’t low either. So the noises had to be decibels over that.

My little doggy companion was sitting up next to me after she’d caught about four ghosts making their entrance. In other words she was at total attention. I’d watch her head turn as each came into view and they weren’t on the same side of the sofa either. Her head was snapping around continually for a few minutes.

A sharp noise occurred behind us in my kitchen. She actually barked and jumped up. Her initial bark took me so off guard that I jumped too. You can see that it wasn’t my fault but the fault of that little five-pound-dog. Although I have to admit that my senses were heightened too at the time. My heart started the pounding thing because a dog is only supposed to bark in the tone she used at an intruder aren’t they? At any rate she got my attention. Then she put her paws on the back of the sofa so that she could see whoever was making the noise and continued to bark.

Then every few minutes she’d do it again. I can’t be sure why although I suspect it was her drama-queen astrology ascendant in Leo. And it was also possibly because she was getting a kick out of seeing momma jump each time. But to be truthful I think it was because she thought the house was a little too busy.

I’ll bet this will take on new meaning when your dog or cat does this next time. Then you won’t be as condescending towards me as you are right now.

Animals are the first to notice non-physical entities. Most of the time they ignore them but there are times they don’t. Before you believe the ghosts in my house were bad, you’d be wrong. It was probably my brother who likes to be a jokester but there was also a woman in a floral shirt-waist dress and a few others including the shadow.

Even this medium and psychic enjoyed a night of wonder at the other side and I have to admit it got about as tense as the movie Non Stop I just seen. (If you haven’t seen it you should if only to look at Liam Neeson)

Da Juana

P. S. I should have consulted my dog’s horoscope too. Then I’d have had a heads-up for the reason she acted as she did. She finally snuggled very close to mother where we slept the night away.