Have you ever seen a cat that thinks she’s a dog?

Have you ever seen a cat that thinks she’s a dog? Obviously I had never thought that could happen but I’ve since come to know a beautiful tiger cat who wonders why my little white dog can’t do what she does. She just knows how to wart the high heavens out of Gabrielle.

Also, psychically, I’ve seen her mull over the idea that she’s able to do those things that not all dogs do such as fetch, come when called, lay down and play pretty cat when she knows she’s done something wrong and while lying there look up innocently looking carefully contrite.

That last part about the guilt is not something I’ve ever seen in a cat. Generally they look at you as if only they were a little bigger, say as big as their predecessors, sabre kitties; they’d have you for dinner instead of bowing down like some dog.

Birdie isn’t like that though. She knows when she’s done wrong and tries to mend fences. When I say look at me in that momma voice, you know what I mean, she turns and faces me as if I were a lion tamer and were about to utter some command.

The only difference in her and my Gabrielle is that she is a dog who can climb trees but her problem is she doesn’t know how to come down from them. Many times she swings precariously from one small paw to the other, first one in the front and then one in the back. Twice she’s been lamed by cuts to her paws from the pecan trees in front of my friend, Richard’s, house.

Of course she sits still for the moment while her paw is examined but any ointment you’ve applied doesn’t stay on them long. All you can do is wait for them to heal on their own. Your baby’s hurt be it dog or cat is a mother’s concern as you may well know. Other than keeping her housebound completely I don’t know what we can do to harden her paws before the next great pecan tree onslaught.

If you have any ideas, please pass them on.

Da Juana

P. S. You might want to go look at www.puppydogname.com to see how your baby dog or cat is characterized by the letters of their names.