Have you Seen Ghosts and Spirit


Da Juana Byrd

Did I mention ghost and spirit in the title? Well, that’s because ghosts and spirits have been with me all my life, this incarnation anyway and will probably be in my next according to what the ghosts tell me.

Some people dedicate their life to other spiritual aspects. Those people might be ministers (which I am in a way to ghost and people too), nurses, doctors, psychoanalysts (maybe I do need one but don’t think so), entrepreneurship, chefs and you get my drift. There are lots of people who think they need one of those professionals I mentioned but don’t think I need. Anyway, my life is dedicated to ministering to humans and for the ghosts who want to give them “Hello’s” or messages of another sort.

What is a ghost?  Madeline, ghost, ghosts, spirit

You may not believe me when I mention that you are a ghost just like me and just like that dog, cat, bird or other animal you love so much. What’s more everything on earth and otherwise has spirit. We all have spirit. Ghosts are spirits and spirits reside within physical bodies in everything from dogs to trees to our earth. Now I’m getting far out you believe.

Ghosts are only spirit. For proper English usage, I guess, ghosts are spirits who have given up their physical bodies. That’s the way we like to believe at any rate. I’m telling you different ways to look at spirit now.

For me when I look at you or anything I see the spirit. Sometimes it’s hard to realize whether you’re dead or alive because the spirit is always alive. Moreover, some ghosts appear as natural in human bodies as those of us still using our physical clothing.

What’s more even if you’re not speaking with me your spirit or ghost might be. Scary huh! But you have to give permission to me as does any ghost even if it’s subconsciously. That ought to help. Only one issue here though when you ask for help you are giving permission for your spirit to answer and assist you.

That’s where I come in.

Ghosts Talk

I, Da Juana Byrd, am a person who talks with ghosts.

Talk is a form of communication but there are many ways to communicate with ghosts.

I can hear them speaking through my ears, through my mind and sight when I see what may appear as a physical person too. Ghosts come with scents they liked and used, some of which I’m allergic to but when they use them those scents don’t seem to bother me.

Sometimes in communication ghosts show pictures like a you tube video which gives me all the information I need. That might even show a static picture so that I can examine it and get the information needed for that particular communication session.

There are times that ghosts come in and sit down without a word. Knowing that there is always a reason I’ll wait for the reason to come forth. And it generally does as with this shock jock and his dead dad I’m about whom I’m about to tell you.

Radio Shock Jock becomes aware his dead dad is a ghost

As a Medium and a Psychic who works with radio and television as I do and have done, I have to be able to do so without down time. Dead air is something you can’t afford in either medium but especially radio.

Upon being called by a friend to work with her and a couple of shock jocks I said okay but it was going to be in the middle of two other radio programs I’d already said yes to.

When on air the head shock jock kept giving me a hard time while I was giving readings. Finally, I told my friend with whom I’d worked on numerous occasions that I had to go.

The head jock piped up being cute and said, “You can’t go until you see me a ghost.”

Instantly I replied, “I can’t summons them. Ghosts have free will and come when they want. I haven’t seen one since I’ve been working your show. Oh, sorry here’s a man now. He just came in and is sitting in front of my desk but he’s not talking.”

Now, here’s the kicker. The shock jock was still poking at me when I told him this is a very quiet man. He’s not very tall at all and his skin looks like this.

The ghost was watching me the whole time but not speaking. Communication information was coming in the form of spiritual knowledge.

I continued, “He was wonderful with numbers and he was an avid reader. Everyone brought him books.”

Now it was just me and the top shock jock, never mind his huge audience.  He went silent except for this question he asked quietly, “Do you know who he is?”

“Yes, you do too, don’t you?” I replied.

More subdued he answered, “He’s my father.”

“Yes,” I gently answered. No sense in being mean to this man who just had an out of this world paranormal experience for what he perceived to be the first time.

More quietly even then he told me that of course his father loved numbers he had started wall street and had a huge library but all the neighbors brought him books. He was also a very quiet and short man. And more, he missed his dad. I know how that feels.

You see the communication here was only knowledge that the ghost shared with me to enlighten his son.

Do you want one more about John R Cash the ghost?

For days, I’d had a ghost popping in front of me every time I turned around. If you’re a woman you know when you’re working and trying to clean and keep house sometimes you ignore some items that others might think shouldn’t be ignored. It’s only because you’re busy and don’t think you have time. That’s what I thought.

It was like that with me when this man clad all in black kept coming around the house. Finally, after the third day when I’d finished most of my work and sat down with my ex to watch television this man in black walked in front of the television insuring that I couldn’t see the TV. He wanted to make sure that all I saw was him.

As soon as I saw him I said loudly to no one in particular but my ex and the ghost heard it, “Who’s the man in black?”

My ex said “Johnny Cash” as I heard the ghost say “John R Cash.”

I’m a very logical Medium. I also wasn’t particularly a great fan of Johnny Cash. (Please don’t take that wrong, Mr. Cash.) I’d never heard of John R Cash. When I asked the question after seeing the man I knew immediately it was who my ex said because Johnny Cash came to mind. But the ghost said John R Cash.

I wasn’t ugly to my ghost visitor but I did say, “What do you want?” I thought I said it nicely but I might have been just the slightest bit agitated from the constant three-day visit.

He told me.

John R. Cash asked me to get in touch with someone he wanted to give a message of thanks so that he could tell this man after all those years. Immediately I told this nice ghost that I wasn’t going to do it. We had a discussion. That was before I spoke with Ronnie and Merv if you read that article. Finally, it wound up that I told him if the man called me I’d tell him. Otherwise, we’d forget it.

You guessed it. The man Mr. Cash wanted told called me. When I told him what Johnny Cash wanted to relay he told me that he was grateful and more which I won’t go into here. It’s private just as if I were giving you a reading.

Then I asked the man who obviously knew him very well why Johnny Cash called himself John R Cash to me. “Because,” he said as matter of fact sounding as possible, “that was his name.”

The man I spoke with on behalf of Mr. Cash told me that while alive, Johnny believed in ghosts. He had a home in the islands where he and his wife saw ghosts especially one beautiful lady who liked to walk through walls. Funny what you learn when you give a message from a ghost.

Both the man Johnny wanted me to give the message to and I learned something. Now you see why I say that I’m a medium who is a minister to both the living and the dead.

And the reason I tell you that I’m a medium who works for the living and the dead is because I had a ghost tell me many years ago when he asked me for help. He was right.

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Ghosts Behavior and Attributes

Madeline, ghost, ghosts, spirit

I’m going to relate behavior and attributes because I’ve seen a few but I’m sure I haven’t seen them all yet. Please enlighten me if you have more.

Watch Ghosts

There’s been watch ghost or security ghost who’ve helped me over the years. These ghosts are better than a watch dog because when they say “Lock the door” in that voice only they can use and sometimes a mother with their child uses, you lock the door.

Some of them can be ghosts who were actual watch dogs when in the physical body but who are now ghosts too.

Ghosts puppies speak to me too and believe it or not in what I consider pretty good English. Ghosts talk in whatever you understand. They make it easy on us. All ghosts are fluent in whichever language is needed to get their point across and it’s not always verbally.

Alarm ghosts

Alarm ghosts aren’t just for the house. They’re good at many things like being in a meeting where you’re giving a speech which this Medium does.

I’m not great at speeches. I do like to talk too much to people. So, you can see I don’t mind talking with ghosts either. As a matter of fact, I generally listen to them before I do others.

Because I like for us all to play when I give a speech (class), I’ll generally pick someone out of the audience to tell them about their lives. I’ll say a few things but mostly won’t tell things they can’t handle in front of a bunch of people.

You know what I mean but here’s an example. I won’t say you’re having an affair with your best friend’s husband. That wouldn’t be southern lady-like of me. But if you ever see me put my hand down palm-up, you know I’m about to make sure I don’t blurt that kind of information out. Wouldn’t be kosher. And that’s generally because my alarm ghost sounded in the form of loud words saying “Stop Now!”

You may think I need psychiatric help and there are some of those ghosts with whom I’ve spoken on the other side but sometimes I just need help keeping my mouth shut and alarm ghosts help with that. They keep you safe.

Ghosts Appearance   Pat Graham Baron with ghost

If you look into the picture above by ghosts appearance you’ll see my friend, Pat Graham Baron and the ghostly watcher behind her and to the side. She assures me that there was nothing wrong with camera or film. I know her an believe her. She has a friend who is a non-physical ghost now on the other side who was just checking in on her.

My ghostly visitors come in all forms from pretty little fairy sparkles (angels do this too), to full blown earthly touch, flesh and blood looking, and sometimes downright scary ghosts. Orbs are part of the ghost spectrum too. Some appear as a human outline with earth inside. I’ve seen ghosts who were murdered in brutal manners come looking just as they did when they died. I’ve seen the kind in Pat’s picture and probably can’t list all I’ve seen.

Also, I’ve gone tripping into my den to see a man standing with his back to me. My first thought was how did he get into the house. My next thought was “Oh My God” when he turned to face me with half his head gone. Then told me that he wanted me to tell the police who had done it. That got my attention like John R Cash did but in a different manner. And this was before Johnny Cash got my attention. Johnny was easier to look at.

I’ve even had ghosts who have the outline of a human but were in shadow form. Actually most call them Shadow Ghosts.

Think that won’t drive your little dog crazy, especially a barky little puppy dog who wants to warn mother there’s a stranger in the house? I can tell you it will from my own experience. My little now ghost dog, Madeline, would bark to warn me while she was alive. That is until she learned that shadow ghosts were always going to be around and she shouldn’t worry about the “Alfred Hitchcock” scene stealer ghosts in the house.

My First Ghost

A ghost was the first person I saw when I was a baby. He was my friend and confidant for, let’s just say, a lot of years.

He was very serious minded, like me, and had to teach a young Psychic and Medium gifted girl how to live in the physical world with society who didn’t think much of people like me, a Psychic and Medium. It was fear they had for the unknown but that didn’t help me at the time although I understood it. He became one of my alarm ghost and told me to hush many times and I did.

You see I knew this man before I came to life here as well. He taught me about Jesus, religion, mankind and other items between lives and here on earth.

He’s how I got my name, Da Juana. His name is John. Besides being my friend, teacher and all around good guy, he gave or I took his name.

If you can dream it a ghost can wear it. They appear older than they were at death and younger, (mostly younger-who wants gray hair and wrinkles).

Being the Medium

People have asked if it’s hard being the Medium. I wouldn’t know how to live without the benefit of seeing ghosts. It’s like breathing to me. Those I don’t know generally give me their reason for being around or just visit sometimes to be around someone who realizes the visiting ghost are a presence (matter taking up space for you physics people).

Ghosts are mostly good people and like to associate with like. Sound like your mother, now don’t I? In the ghosts’ world, it is truly “Birds of a Feather.”

So, next time you see someone go past just out of your line of vision to the side, and you look really quickly only to discover no one is there but you knew they were. You can even describe them. Or you see an animal that shouldn’t be in your house go by and then realize they’re not real (but are they), you’ve seen a ghost.

A bump in the night or day-going for the dramatic here like Hollywood, with your not being able to logically figure out, is a ghost.

Or you hear your name called in the supermarket so that you say, “Huh.” There’s no one around. Who could have done it? You’ve just been visited by a ghost.

One of the Best Times to See a Ghost

Generally, ghosts seek out non-believers in bed at night. Now that’s not Hollywood. It’s just when they can get your attention more easily. Perhaps in a dream beforehand you saw a certain ghost. Ghosts like to visit around the time you’re in deep rim sleep. That’s between two and four AM. I know. Not the time for it, is it?

Honestly there is no set time. Most ghosts try to be gentle with you and touch you on your back so that you can acknowledge them. They know that you’re frightened of things you don’t understand. Ghosts give you the chance to run without hurting yourself in this manner.

You can say you’ve been haunted like others do but I don’t like that word. I like, you’ve had a ghostly encounter. Doesn’t that sound better? I’m trying to make you feel a bit better about your ghostly encounters. Whether you believe it or not, you speak with ghosts daily because you’re only a ghost in human clothing just like everyone else.

Now you know. There is no best time to see a ghost. They have conscious thought. Ghosts are everywhere!

If you’d like to learn more about ghosts, then read Da Juana’s eBook, “I’m Dead, Now What,” “Ghosts Talk,” or “Angels.”