He brought up what I think sin is…..

Yesterday, while talking with a very nice minister, he brought up what I think sin is and he quoted the passage in the Bible saying that even a baby is born into sin.  If you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you what the other side said about that. More... 

Of course I know that sin is just a choice.  It’s what your conscious tells you isn’t right for you.  When you make a choice to do something you know will hurt you or someone else, then you’ve committed sin.  There is no “sin” that could keep God from loving you, in my estimation and I’ve talked with a lot of people on the other side from murderers (not my favorite) to people you’d consider like Mother Theresa.  All of them have told me that you can’t get away from the love of God.  We’re all part of God, no matter the religion.  It’s spirituality that counts.

You also know if you’ve read anything I write that I’m constantly questioning.  The other side is a vast resource, sort of like a living encyclopedia with a wealth of spiritual and otherwise information.  Actually there is no information that isn’t spiritual.  At any rate, when the minister asked me the question, I knew I could give him my interpretation but the other side chose to step in and answer.  Here is their answer. 
Each child is born to the world knowing what is best for them.  It is their choice as to how they live their lives and whether they realize in this life that spirituality has and will always be there for them.  They have to make a conscious decision that they realize this choice.  People need to realize that they are part of God and have known that all along.  That’s what the Biblical passage meant and still means. 
It doesn’t matter that you call a poor choice, “sin.”  It’s semantics.  People need to believe in good and evil and they suppose sin is evil.  In reality, it is just choice.  When a baby is born into this new life, they have decisions to make.  The only thing they need to do to get out of what’s known as “sin,” is to make the conscious decision that they are part of God.  It’s like I said.  The choice is what counts.
Da Juana