Heart touching sentence

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. This sentence is so true.

One of the most special parts of friendship to me is believing in your friends no matter what. When I came out of the psychic closet, some of my friends turned away from me because of what I had become. Obviously, I had always been the same but their perception of me altered. Because I had kept my secret with only little hints of my abilities, my professed friends thought I had changed. They didn’t ask if I had changed. They took it for granted and left the friendship. Of course I understood this and am still there for them no matter what when they need me.

Since I have come out of the psychic closet, I have made friends who know me for what I truly am. And that is the real mark of a friend. Really taking you for who you are.

To me a friend takes up for you no matter what, then asks later if they were right. They are someone who loves you unconditionally. A friend is someone who tells you when they think you are wrong and will even tell you what they think you don’t want to hear. You can communicate.

With friends, real friends, you are never alone.

Da Juana