“Heaven help me?”

How many times have you heard someone say, “Heaven help me?” When they call out to the universe in this manner, they’ll always get their prayer answered. The only problem is that the answer may not be what they want in the long run. That’s why I tell you as the psychic and medium that I am that there is responsibility in your prayers.

Out of sheer frustration and fear when someone requests help from heaven, someone on the other side will be there to help according to the situation. For instance a drunk might ask and get help from someone on the other side who liked to drink while alive and it might not be the best assistance.

We’re divine beings who come from the spirit which is God. All things are from the minutest particle to the largest mountain. God is All That Is. Those on the other side know this and like “birds of a feather” truly they do flock together. Drunks to drunks, pessimist to pessimist and the list really does go on.

Now, let’s look just a little further with the example of the drunk who calls out for assistance and gets someone otherworldly to answer them. Here is where his or her responsibility lies. If he or she demands that someone who’s lived through his or her particular trauma and made their life better for it come to them and help, then they can get the best of information from that extra knowing soul. What I’m saying is that you become a little choosier in finding the right soul to help you when you call upon heaven for help.

Prayer works. Be diligent. Remember you’ll always get answers to those prayers so find a good source.

Da Juana

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