Help for me too!

My life is about helping others. This comes in many ways. Perhaps part of it is showing them that there is something to the psychic. Perhaps it is just helping a neighbor in the ordinary ways. But I am still a helper. 


When someone asks for my help it is hard to turn him or her down, even if it is someone I have never met before. And even when they are being snide about my being a psychic. My husband says I would give away the farm and most likely I would if someone really needed it but…….and this is a big but…….I am tired of people thinking that I should give them what they want because I am a helper. Lately, when someone tries to take advantage of me, I am quick to tell them about it. Must have something to do with the moon. 


For the last few days, while working, my phone has rung and someone on the end of the line has started off with, “I want to know….” As soon as I can get a word in edgewise, I tell the person that I charge for my time and by the way, also part of that charge is for the phone lines you just called in on, but I charge for my time. I would love to give you a free reading but you see, I have to eat, clothe my family, feed my dogs and pay for my house too. And I can’t do that if I continue to give my time away for free and pay your phone bill. By the way, I do a lot of giving my time away free, on radio and during my life. Also for crime prevention and help after the crime, whatever it may be. It is very hard for me not to help others even when they don’t ask. I love it. But there are times when you just have to say no. And some of those good people that call in tell me that I should do this for free and then without any common courtesy hang up on me. That leaves me being a little less than spiritual feeling. 


For instance, the other day, an extremely rare day, I went shopping with a couple of friends, just to get out of the house for a little while. Most of the time, I don’t even think of me being a woman anymore because I continue to work the majority of the time. But here I am at the shopping mall getting out of my car and I see a little boy of about four come out from under the shopping garage by himself, cross the street without looking either way and take off up the sidewalk. Thank God, there were no cars coming. Like any mother, I turn around looking for his mother and see three women far up inside the garage. One of them is calling to the little boy telling him that he won’t get such and such if he doesn’t stop and wait on her. She could barely see him. Then I saw psychically a dark-haired man around five six or seven take the boy put him in a grayish-blue van and leave with him. Of course it wasn’t happening then but it would later. 


My thought was that I had to do something then to create some apprehension in this child so that he didn’t get so far away from his mother and so that he would be more leery of waltzing off like that. And I did. I called to him and said, “You. Stop right there.” He took another step but looked at me fearfully. Then I said to him, “Get back to your mother right now and don’t ever try that again. Do you understand me?” The boy turned and started walking quickly back to his mother who was giving me a dirty look right then. And she didn’t stop but her mother, who was with her, instead of being angry with me, said thanks. They didn’t know who I was and I didn’t tell them, nor did I tell them what I saw, but I hope I put enough fear into that child that he stays close to his mother. You see I couldn’t stop what might happen later but I could, in my own way, help a little. And I didn’t mind taking the flack from the mother if it helped the boy later. 


I know I sound very hard but like I told you the other day, I am taking stock of my life right now. And if I were giving you a reading and saw that you were letting others take advantage of you, I would tell you to stop it even though I believe that we are all neighbors on this planet and good neighbors help each other. Obviously, I also believe that all mothers have to help one another. But back to me because I generally forget me most of the time, I am trying to see what I need to change in myself and then to make my life better. When you help yourself, you are better able to help others. Is there something in you that you think you need to change in order to live better spiritually because after all living is spiritual? And when we ignore ourselves, we ignore our spirituality. 


Da Juana