Her mother told her she’s tired.

The other day a friend of mine mentioned, with tears in her eyes, that her mother told her that she is tired. Obviously this friend knows spiritually that just as my father did when he told me the day he did that he was tired, they are setting the time when they’ll go back home. This isn’t something easy to take for those of us knowing this meaning.

This friend without realizing made me start to remember again. What I thought of, and I hope this helps my cherished colleague, because her mother is still alive and well, is that when her mother puts into action going to the other side, she’ll actually be close to it just as she was when she was less than six-years-old.

People mention that when we get older we revert to our second childhood and in some manner that’s correct. Both of those time periods allow us to open back up to what we knew before coming to earth in a physical body, in other words, knowing no bounds. Spirit is able to conceive anything with a thought. We can see those on the other side without contradicting ourselves or being forced to think that there is no logical explanation so it just couldn’t be so especially when we have a visitation from old friends or family who’re dead.

As with a child our mind is freer to gather impressions. Spirituality becomes more pronounced although you may not believe that your little, sweet, two-year-old knows nothing about spirituality when they’re standing in a supermarket line screaming for that very best piece of chocolate. But they do. Probably more than us because they’re entirely open to what God has to offer. We’ve learned to close our minds to the very entity that most cherish having knowledge of and that’s God.

Being the psychic and medium I am, I’ve seen too many ghosts visit and invite people from this side to the other. I’ve also noticed that ghosts visit when people are around me so that I can confirm what one may be seeing as I have around deathbeds. From your closest relationships, family, friends or pets come the ones you’d rather spend your last days on earth with, whether alive or dead. This is a true gift from God. He is allowing you insight into what’s coming on the other side so that you know you’ll live on.

Da Juana


P. S. For more on the other side and getting there, watch my youtube video on death and pets at http://youtu.be/8FSGr6ZN28A