Here in Texas snow is a welcome relief after all the ice but enough already.

Here in Texas snow is a welcome relief after all the ice but enough already.

Last night, while letting the girls out before bedtime, I learned that Gabrielle had never seen snow. The ice she tolerated but the snow was something new for which to be dealt.

Ice I’d cleared from my back door was filled in by the frosty white stuff. So when she took her first step into the powdery substance, she immediately hopped back into the door. Not to be messed with because I’ve been cooped up inside this house since Tuesday, mother explained softly that she needed to get her little white rear back out the door, which she did.

Her sister who’s seen snow before didn’t miss a beat. This was just one more obstacle to finding the least amount of snow in which to touch her sensitive parts while she did her nightly duty.

Being less weathered, Gabrielle stepped out tentatively and then noted that snow is fun….she started kicking her legs up so that the frozen flakey goodness shimmered softly back towards the ground.

Thinking that she’d be less enamored by the frozen whiteness this morning, I let them out again. Rather, after a long sleepy night, they demanded to go outside. That’s when Gabrielle did something that reminded me of my reborn baby, Muffin. She looked at the snow and decided to taste it. Tentatively she scooped up a mouth full which immediately melted in her tiny mouth. It was like watching her eat ice cream for the first time or a child at the fair with his first taste of cotton candy.

Gabrielle didn’t throw the snow over her shoulder as Muffin had but she did have that same look of wonder and satisfaction that I saw in my previous puppy.

Like my dogs, I’d rather see snow than ice but I’m ready for it to melt and allow the sun to warm us. Memories of Maui are slamming at my brain, waves rolling in, sun on my skin, nice warm breezes and beauty everywhere. Ummmm…

Da Juana

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