Here we go again two!

You remember the answer I gave to Deborah last week about her mother. Well, she sent me a reply almost instantly but didn’t put it on the blog because she was worried about people finding out who she is.


So, I thought you might like to read her reply to me.


“Oh my gosh!  you’re so right!  My mom’s name is Johnnie!!  And I am terrible at second guessing myself!!!!   Thank you sooo much!!!  This is incredibly comforting! 🙂




You will notice that I got the name wrong but the sound was still the same. And I really thank her for letting me know how right I was. That means a lot. It is extremely appreciated when someone takes the time to acknowledge what I have told them.


Oh, and another thing, I was working on a radio program in San Bernardino, California the other day. One of the hosts was giving me a little bit of a bad time. The other asked that I perform. While I was telling him that ghosts were not summoned by me, they generally made themselves known when they wanted to talk. In a man came. It just so happened that he was the father of the host that was giving me a little bit of resistance. He knew exactly who the ghost was. The next time I did the show, it happened again but it happened for a guest then. Isn’t it funny how the other side works?


Da Juana