Here we go again!

Got another question that I think will help others. So, please bear with me while I answer.

“My girlfriend claims that the ghost of her unborn brother is haunting her. She says that he appears as a man in his mid-20s and does things that hurt her. She wants to make him leave and has told him to leave many times but he doesn’t. Is there any way to force him to leave? Thank you for your help. John”

Did you know that my name means “of John?” I used to laugh about it. Now I have come to know that it was given to me before my birth as a part of my birthright from my friend, whom my mother and father never knew, John. If you have read my book, “Ghosts Talk,” then you know who he is but there is more to that story too.

Back to the question though. Ghosts do show themselves as aging sometimes. And sometimes they pick a particular time in their life that they loved as a way to appear to others. So it is entirely possible that your girlfriends brother could be showing himself as aging.

Now as to the ghost hurting her. In all my years of meeting ghosts I have never seen one try to hurt a live person. Of course, there have been tales of this throughout the ages and in Hollywood but I have never seen it.

What I have seen is people manifesting something they considered to be a ghost, giving it life and then hurting themselves because they felt some sort of guilt. For instance, and I am not saying this is true, but your girlfriend might feel guilty for living when her brother died or she might feel guilty for some other reason such as being psychic. If she can manifest something she feels is hurting her, she is definitely a gifted psychic. She will probably notice other things too, such as lights flickering, electrical anomalies, etc. Once she realizes that she is the creator of this manifestation, then she can make it leave her alone. The old addage, “I gave you life and I can take it away,” applies here.

Once your girlfriend gives up the self hurt, she can start psychically realizing much better in her life if she will let her ability grow in a positive manner.

Hope this helps. And keep us posted please.

Da Juana