Here’s Kellye’s question on dark souls.

Here’s Kellye’s question on dark souls.

“OK. I have a question, along those same lines. What about those souls that were/are bad? Have they always been bad and will they continue to be so or can they choose not to be a dark soul. I’m speaking of the Ted Bundy’s of the world. His darkness accelerated, as all serial killers do. Does that soul make a conscious choice to be bad?”

Here’s my answer.

Kellye, yes, there are souls who come to earth with little but self-gratification in mind. What’s more is they care about no one else and are generally labeled sociopaths.

All souls make choices to be either what they consider good or at times our definition of evil.

Some spirits are in a lower place and come to earth to learn both to live with others and to become more God-like. Their behavior might be one of a very spoiled child who wants his or her way and doesn’t care for anyone else’s rights. Learning to live in society functionally might take many lifetimes. Moreover, these souls are aware that they may lose their physical lives for committing atrocious acts.

If a soul comes to live in our earthly society and get away with small evil feats without punishment then they will generally escalate that behavior until caught and stopped. Do remember though that this spirit has the ability to change his or her mind and stop their horrible deeds.

To make this answer really short, we all have responsibility for our actions and although we may feel we’re getting by with immoral conduct, we’ll pay for it in one manner or another. We’re the judge of our lives on the other side and who better to condemn. Ask any woman who looks into a mirror just how bad we are at finding wrinkles on our bodies. Then multiply that thought pattern by a million and you might understand how one reacts to what they’ve done on earth when returning to the other side. But there are those souls who just don’t care even then. Time makes a difference even though there is no time in eternity.

Hope I’ve answered you.

Thanks and have a great day making happy memories.

Da Juana

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