Hillary Clinton….

If you’ve checked out my 2008 predictions, then you know what I said about Hillary Clinton.  Thought I would add to that here since she’s not a client but has touched something in most people’s hearts when she let down her guard and showed just the slightest bit of Hillary unplugged.More...

The lady truly thinks she’s here to help the US much like Oprah thinks she can help everyone through her television show.  Hillary has been planning for many years to become a person who can help those she really wants to help.  Another thing, don’t ever believe this woman is weak.  Take it from me.  A woman who has lived through a man running around on her, (I was one but not as brave—didn’t stay with that, excuse me—my baby’s daddy) staying with him and braving what she did in the American public is no woose. 

And yes, she love’s the power too but it’s an angle too.  It means that she’ll be able to help all over the world. 

Now you know what I think of politicians and how I wish we had some good old girl—you thought I’d say boy didn’t you?—who wouldn’t let lobbyist run the country, but instead, would lead with honesty and integrity.  And I think we’ll be looking for a long, long time for that.  But as I’ve heard so many say in the last few elections, “We’re trying to pick the best out of a pack of, well, politicians.”

Not sure whom I’ll vote for yet but you can be sure I’ll do my utmost to vote.  I’ve seen the time when women didn’t have the rights men do and that wasn’t too long ago.  You betcha I’ll vote. 

Da Juana