Holiday season….

Holiday season is wonderful.  The weather should be crisp in most places.  People are smiling and saying hello.  You hear the beautiful Salvation Army bells ringing everywhere.  And it feels good.More...

Since getting back from two different trips, both wonderful, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.  That included taking Claude to the doctor for a checkup and taking Madeline in because of her little breath.  She has an infected tooth.  Now, after getting some kick it antibiotics, she should be better in a couple of days but momma still has some guilt because I wonder if she went off on a trip with a hurting tooth. 

After all that, my friend, Connie, called.  She’s really missing her mother even though her mother continues to talk through me and knows that Connie’s listening to her as well.  The problem is, because she is so close to her mother, when she hears her voice, she breaks down.  That’s why I can interpret. 

Anyway, because she was missing her so much, after I got some items done today, she and I took off to town.  Don’t you love that saying?  It’s southern.  Connie needed to buy a few items for a trip she’s taking.  Can you guess who wound up with more items?  But it’s the holidays after all.  I could tell you that I was shopping for others but…..that would be a gross line and I can’t lie. 

But now, I’m back here with you wishing you the best holiday season ever no matter what kind of holiday you celebrate.

Happy Holidays….woo oooo!

Da Juana