Home shopping…….

When you go home shopping, you need to be ready to expect anything.  In the first place, since I’m a psychic, you’d think I would know that I’m about to have to go shopping for a new home and furthermore that I would be moving very quickly but I’m still not sure.  
Looking for something that intimate, something that is going to become part of your family isn’t easy.  Though it’s fun to look at differing architecture, you have to make sure that all the items you need in your home are there.  And there are four of us who have needs, Claude, our two doggy children and me.  What to do?  What to do?
Not only that but it comes at a time when all sorts of other good things are occurring too so, hopefully, you won’t hear me griping.  But, as I’ve asked before, please pray that these good things keep coming and if you would like, I’ll pray for you as well.  Oh, and I can’t tell you about it now but I will soon.
Da Juana