Honeysuckle is a psychic experience.

Honeysuckle is a spiritual, psychic experience for this medium. Because it only blooms once a year where I live I anticipate its arrival each spring. It can change a cool, bleary, spring day into the mood enhancing psychic experience I love.

Oh, you doubter. You think there is nothing psychic about a little honeysuckle. Well, get this. Remember when you were young and you smelled something from your mother’s kitchen that still haunts you today, just think about that odor for a moment. If you instantly time traveled to that part of your life and felt joy or saw the kitchen, then you just had a psychic experience. That’s what honeysuckle does for me. It reminds me of good times in my childhood, not to mention the odiferous component, the visual display is wonderful too.

So, anytime you pass a flower that someone you loved, loved, enjoy the psychic moment. Relish the thought. And if they passed to the other side, then know they are enjoying the moment with you.

When I was a child the smell of dried fruit cooking on the stove sends me back to the time when my mother stood there stirring and cooking. Her old floral dress which was the fashion back then even on the youngest of women, blew in the breeze of the little rotating fan she sometimes kept in the kitchen. Heat made it one of the coolest places in the house even though it was so hot the hordes of hell might have liked the way it felt there. My mother’s two-braided-over her head-hair in true Pentecostal fashion is one of my best memories of the lady I love. Of course times have changed and now she wears her hair and clothing much differently.

A psychic moment brought to you by this psychic and medium. Have your own psychic and medium thoughts.

Da Juana Byrd