Hope you are not getting tired.

Here is another question asked of me. Hope that I am helping when I give you answers.

“You have probably answered this question before, but I am just wondering why ghosts or spirits feel a need to make their presence known. I have had several instances where the lid on my trash can has started swinging for no apparent reason. Also, my dog looks up a lot at the ceiling and seems to be staring or focusing on something and sometimes his eyes move from one side of the ceiling to the other, as if he is watching something. I never feel afraid when this happens, just curious to know what may be causing it.”

The reason ghosts make themselves known to us is for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes they want the company, or just want to make known that there is life after death, or need you to talk to someone they loved and it goes on and on. One of their favorite ways to get you attention is walking overhead so that you can hear footfalls. Another is to move items. And one of my favorites is to get an animals attention. Because when they get an animals attention, like your puppy, then you will most likely notice. You can’t write off that the animal watched them move.

I am glad that you are not afraid. People visiting you from the other side are not the kind who would want you to be frightened.

Da Juana