Claude, my husband, is more religious about looking at horoscopes than me even though I work with them.  Generally, I wait, then look back to see how they faired although I know that if a horoscope is personalized, it’s gonna be right on.More...

You might not know it but we’ve provided horoscopes to many people and companies, some you might even know.  A telephone company we provided horoscopes for called one day to tell us that they’d just had a very interesting phone call.  Something had happened to their delivery system, not our fault, and the person calling couldn’t get their daily horoscope.  This person was furious, wondering how they could leave their house that day without having that scope information.  What’s even funnier is that telephone service was in the middle of the Bible belt.

Oh, did I mention that astrology is okay because the three wise men, who followed the stars, were astrologers.  Just a little tidbit. 

Anyway, the reason I got into astrology and I, by no means, know it all, is because while I was reading people, I’d get astrological information from the other side which turned out to be correct.  It got me interested. 

I’m still a lazy psychic, meaning, I get my information through the other side and all my senses plus that little extra one called sixth. 

But horoscopes are a good way to keep up with everyday happenings, especially if they’re personalized.  Once you get your natal chart, then you can check each day for your moon, sun and ascendant to get a clearer sun sign picture of your life.

Have you checked your horoscope today?  If so, you’re like Claude.

Da Juana