Horoscopes, using someone’s time of their birth, glean certain aspects and not only forecast that person’s future but their characteristics, what kind of job they may like and even who they’re compatible with in life as friends and/or lovers and family.More... 

Astrology has been around almost since man could take a look into the skies and notice that the stars made up certain constellations and that they traveled through the heavens.  Astronomy and astrology has been linked for many years and was considered a science, if you will, until people began to believe it belonged in the paranormal community.  Some of the most flagrant of astrologers was attested to in Biblical times as the three wise men followed a star to the baby Jesus.  Bet you didn’t know that, did you?

I call myself a straight psychic, meaning I don’t limit myself to any specific manner of getting and giving the information I do, from talking with ghosts to remote viewing.  Astrology has interested me since, while giving readings, I would give the characteristics of someone the person I was reading knew and then pronounce that person must be a Libra or Aries or whatever.  Most often, the person I was reading would loudly exclaim how right I was.  So you can see that astrology grew on me and still is growing.  It’s like life; you don’t ever quit learning with astrology. 

Astrology even gives you daily forecasts in the form of your daily horoscope.  (Ad time here.  If you’ve never read ours, then you should at dailyhoroscopes.com.  They’re great even if I must say so myself.)  To get a more accurate scope, you can use your very own personal information but sun sign scopes are fun too.  What’s more?  Most everyone likes to read his or her daily horoscope.  They might have a problem with me because I’m one of those dirty old psychic/mediums……but they’ll read their scope. 

Furthermore, even many of the most die-hard radical church people know their astrological sun sign.  If you ask, they’ll tell you, most of the time.  They’ll read their scope each day.  Male daters especially need to know their sun sign so they’ll have something to talk to a woman about.  See how horoscopes break the ice. 

Hope I haven’t bored you to tears with my little piece of trivia on horoscopes but I think that they’re a useful tool for those who do and don’t use their psychic gifts.  They can help people get a leg up on the day and really help them to understand themselves for life.  And they’re fun too.

Da Juana