Horror and Fear Factor….

You want to know why horror movies make such good money?  It’s the fear factor.  Fear motivates people.  It starts that flight or fight syndrome inherent in the body for preservation.  The heart races, you become more mentally alert, adrenaline pumps, all this just to give you better access to running and to knowing where to run.More...

The only thing bad about that little adrenaline push is that we of the world have become adrenaline junkies.  Fear motivates us.  As a collective consciousness we’re running in an adrenaline stupor, waiting for the next shoe to fall.  Look at our economy.  Many countries are feeling the pinch.  For sure the US is along with its many states.

A little bit of fear goes a long way.  It’s like a drop of water on concrete.  Though it’s only a drop, it looks like a pail when laid out across your drive. 

Right now the collective conscious can’t decide whether we’re getting better or whether we’re going to tip the scales towards depression.  What most don’t know is that we’re the guiding factors for that tip that will occur in the next six months.  This is a delicate balancing act.  If we’d only believe that everything is going to be all right and that we’ll have a much healthier economy, then we would.  But we like to be scared!  Thought and emotion manifest. 

My thoughts are that I’d rather be enjoying a cold drink while knowing that money issues are behind us.  Do you want to join me?  It only takes one to get the collective consciousness ball rolling.

Da Juana