House hunting….

Home is something you take for granted until you have to go house hunting.  I might have stated this before and probably will again, “Aiiiiiiiiiiiii.”  Boy that feels better.  More...

You know I told you about my friend, Connie, who might have slept with my husband (hope she’s not reading this because when I told you this before, she got really, shall we say became a real psychic –that’s pissychick for those of you who don’t know).  At least I might have told a sales clerk that she and Claude had a thing, but you know I don’t tell big ones.  That is, unless Connie is with me.  She gets this really surprised look on her face.  That makes it worthwhile.  To be able to get a psychic……. but she gets me too some times.  Anyway, she has been looking with me because she wants me to move close to her.  Can you believe the two of us in the same town?  Don’t know if the town will be able to contain us.

We looked at a house and went back today.  Did I tell you that I only have about 28 days to find a new home and buy it too?  No wonder I have such Aiiiiiiii feelings.  I’m like the little duck that was supposed to be dinner.  When the hunter’s wife opened the refrigerator door, the little duck raised its head, saw that it wasn’t the man who had shot at her and was instead, his wife.  She immediately pleaded, “Could you help me please?”

So now here is my question to you:  Will you please pray we find the house we’re supposed to have and quick?


Da Juana