House hunting

In the midst of so many other things, I am now looking for a new home. Remember when I told you that I had decided to be happy no matter what? We sold the house about two days later. It’s really funny how making up your mind can make things happen.

Since Claude’s stroke, it is hard for me to try to take care of the house, my job, the yard, cooking, you get the picture. So I am now looking for a smaller home with a yard that has at least some trees so that I can listen to the birds I love. And so the girls can enjoy laying in the sun.

You know I am not one to take on guilt but for the past few years, I have not taken the time to let the girls lay in the sun. It seems that I am just running through life. Part of that is because I want to be able to teach everyone about the gift of psychic ability but I need to take some time for me, Claude, my girls and those others I love too. That is my new resolution.

Da Juana