How can you attract what you want if you reject others help?

How can you attract what you want if you reject others help?  That’s the question I got asked from someone dead the other day.  Think that won’t make you take a moment to think, whether it’s from a dead person or not?  Of course, you know that I speak with the dead and I’ve mentioned that it’s not all about them coming to talk through me for loved ones.  They sometimes, because they are friends or strangers even, think that they have some good advice for the channel and did. More...  

You see, I’m the type gal who generally thinks that one should take care of his or her self.  You know that responsibility thing….and you are supposed to be responsible but you’re also supposed to learn from any situation you’ve made for yourself.  Thought I was….. but obviously someone on the other side thought I wasn’t, hence the question.

Those on the other side also know that I listen carefully because I know they are very literal in all they say.  For me, that question was something that hit to the very core of my being.  Helping others is what I’ve made my life about in this incarnation, not taking anything for myself or so I thought.  When I made that argument to the person on the other side, they replied that was a selfish act.  Without being able to receive from others you can’t properly give, I heard.  What’s more, after deliberating on the subject given to me by that loving stranger on the other side, I now know I agree.

Receiving has been very hard for me as long as I can remember.  Obviously this is a lesson I have to learn because I’ve seen some events happen lately, for which I’ve had to express gratitude.  Oh, don’t get me wrong; I’m a person who is grateful.  Now, I’m being made to learn that it’s not only in the giving but smiling when I receive too.

Da Juana