How can you tell if it’s the other side talking with you….

Cathy’s at it again with this question: How can you tell if it’s the other side talking with you and not just something you want to hear?

That’s a very good question because there are loads of things I’d love to hear but don’t always get commented on because that’s not what the answer is. The other side is LITERAL. I can’t say it any other way. They’re so matter-of-fact, even when teasing, that it’s not funny. And, they literally don’t lie.

So, how can you tell the responder when you’re asking a paranormal question?

My answer is this: the answer can come in many ways but if you hear an answer, note the speaker. If the voice you hear is the opposite of your sex, then you can safely believe you’re speaking with someone metaphysical and the response is going to be correct.

On the other hand, if the person is your same sex, then you might have to question whether it’s your own inner voice. And I do mean ask, aloud if possible, but not if you have an audience unless you’re me. Asking aloud around others might merit a visit from the guys carrying strait jackets.

Upon requesting the source, you’ll get an answer either aloud or in your head. They’ll generally tell you the difference. It might go something like this (what I’ve had occur) “No (in a long, determined, exasperated voice), Da Juana. Can’t you tell the difference? Your voice is lower than mine and we speak differently.”

Logic creates a questioning attitude in me, just so you know. Thus the reason for many “are you sure’s” with frustrated answers from those supposedly dead. This is only because I want to know for sure and that’s another thing, knowledge from the tone of voice and just plain psychic familiarity makes you know when your speaker is authentic.

If you want to test the theory, enquire about some aspect of your life on which you want information. You’ll immediately get a reply. Now, remember, question the authenticity of your speaker and when you’re satisfied you’ve gotten an intelligent dead person, go with the response.

Da Juana

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