How does an aura, your spirit manifest?

Here’s an example of how an aura or spirit manifests. Being the psychic and medium I am I want you to understand how to use the psychic in your everyday life because it’s a part of you whether you believe it or not.

Mentally and spiritually how have you been feeling lately? I mean really, over all? Are you a little more on edge like some Libra’s are right now or are you happy as all get out over the economy, politics, and the price of eggs? Do you feel as if you have nowhere to turn?

All of this manifests in your aura. What’s more it is contagious. Well there you have it in a nutshell.

To make my point have you ever noticed that when you feel wonderful as all get out with hope for the future until someone you love or work with walks in with a bad mood. All of a sudden you’re feeling it and getting into a less-than-happy place. Your aura connected with their aura in the most intimate of ways and now you’re allowing them to infect you. It’s a matter of choice.

We’re seeing this play out across the world right now on a larger scale and it only takes one to try to make it better. Remember auras infect.

That’s why this psychic and medium says always try to smile and always try to keep your better mood. As an empath I can go through a myriad of emotions according to whom I’m with. That can cause all kinds of havoc on the emotional and even medical front for all of us. Until you and I realize, and I generally do pretty quickly, that it’s not me you and I can do nothing about it. It’s someone we allow to influence us.

This is why I want to make others aware of this situation. I also have selfish motivation as well. When everyone is happy, so am I and so are we all!

Make this medium and psychic happy. Smile and mean it.

Da Juana