A hug can make your day better. It can make a smile come to your lips and a song to your heart. This simple maneuver can make your emotions lightened and make you physically and psychically stronger. Hugs are like money in your emotional bank. They have been proven to make you healthier.

I am very fortunate in that I get lots of hugs and I have always given them. It is in my nature to hug someone even if it is the first time meeting them. As a psychic, and something I didn’t realized for a long time, when I hug, I get to touch the person I am hugging in the most extraordinary way. Quickly, they open themselves to me and I can see what is happening in their lives although I may never say a word to them about it. Another thing is that I can give them some of my energy to help them if they desire. Of course this is done on a subconscious level without a word ever being uttered.

Luckily, I get all kinds of hugs myself. They come from Claude, obviously. When I married him, I became blessed with a hugger. Sometimes I have to remember that I love hugs because he loves to give and receive them so much. When I am working around the house is the time he generally chooses. You know, like when I am getting something hot out of the oven or have something in my hands that might overflow. But, I do like getting his hugs.

Another little person in our family who likes to give hugs is Madeline. If daddy and I are hugging, she stands up on one of our legs until she gets to be hugged by both of us too. Mysti likes group hugs but without the biting habit of our youngest. So we have to hold them apart and hold Madeline’s mouth on those occasions. Madeline doesn’t just wait for us to hug, she asks whomever she wants a hug from to give it. This can be a stranger who is visiting our house for the first time. If Madeline needs it, Madeline gets it.

And so today, I want to give you a hug. Please pass it on.

Da Juana