Human nature

Human nature is such that, when things go wrong and keep going wrong, people let their minds wander back to what they’ve done to cause such catastrophes.  What they don’t understand is that we set challenges up on the other side for when we come to this life in order that we grow spiritually.More...

Excuse me you say but…..yeah, I did say that.  If you take the time to look back over your life, you’ll realize that the same lessons keep presenting themselves.  And they keep it up until you make a conscious decision to change that part of your life.

While you’re in the midst of turmoil, you can’t see any way out.  Only after you’ve come out of it and use hindsight to look back can you understand what was happening. 

I’ve had a lot to review lately and have come up with the same old, same old.  My life tells me that I should listen to my own advice and follow it.  You wouldn’t think that life could throw so many lessons at you in different manners in which to bring you back to that simple little process of realizing what really matters.  But life does it over and over until you see.

My prayer is that I learn the first time but guess what, I’ve had many chances to review and I should know better.

Da Juana