People never cease to amaze me. Think that is why I get along so well with animals. Don’t get me wrong. I love people too but sometimes……they can be a pain. For instance, for the last few months, I have been getting calls from people saying that we have been sending our scopes by text message, which cost them money and they want it stopped. Most have been very nice but there have been some that left a lot to be desired.


Take today, for example. A man calling himself an attorney called, threatened ten ways from Sunday that if we didn’t stop sending him horoscopes on his cell phone, he would make it his life’s work to get us. When I called him back, I tried to tell him it wasn’t us, that if they were using our scopes, then I needed to find out who they are so that I can join them in his pursuit. Instead of us working together to find out who this was, because the cell phone provider had given him our name as they had numerous others, he wanted to continue to threaten me. Well, I have enough Louisiana in me that threats don’t work and finally I told him so but then reiterated that I would be glad to help him find out who was doing this for two reasons. One is the cell phone company is telling everyone it is us and the other is someone, if they are using our scopes, is getting paid for them and we are getting the upset customers. That doesn’t make me feel one bit better either. He was having none of this and hung up on me after he told me that he was not threatening but rather means to do me harm.


That made for a nice conversation because then, my husband, who listened to me trying to explain to this man and after my telling him what had happened wanted to defend my honor. I don’t know about you but I figure I can take up for myself and had to tell Claude that. Anyway, to make a long story short, I called the cell phone company to try to put a stop to their giving out our number. You know what they told me. Since we don’t have an account with them, they can’t talk with me. I said, “Oh, but you can give out my number to people when I am not charging them for anything. Then I get to pay for them calling me and being upset too.”


To that the lady said, “You need to call your provider and have them call us. I can’t help you.”


I love animals. They are so plain spoken and yet loving.


Da Juana