Hummingbirds of all sorts who visit my home are something I love to watch.

Hummingbirds of all sorts who visit my home are something I love to watch. Because of that I put the best juice in their feeder I can make for them.

At first I used organic sugar. And yet no hummers!

A health-nut friend, Dolores, told me she did the same and got the same results. She then relayed that hummingbirds aren’t healthy because they like the regular bleached white sugar that most humans use. When I took her word, I got those beautiful little greens, browns and oranges fluttering around my feeder.

And you know that I mixed it up in such a manner that they’d love my home the best providing juice of maybe sixty-sugar forty-water that I boiled to make it just right for them.

Of course they came and have loved it. That is until the king-sized bees started sharing the bar. And when I say sharing, I don’t really mean it. Those bees are aggressive. It looks like a hive has nested on my feeder. Unfortunately anytime a hummer dares show their face the bees attack.

Now I love bees and think we need more of those beneficial insects around but if I hadn’t been intimidated myself I might have taken a huge flyswatter to those territorial little suckers. Knowing they’re female only makes it worse. You’d think they’d have a little compassion.

I checked Google and found that bees like their nectar a little sweeter than hummers and that I should wait about three days before refueling and returning my feeder to its perch. Hummers are supposed to have a longer memory than bees. Not!

Bees have wonderful memories I’ve now found. Those suckers waited me out for the five days I left the feeder down and a bee was the first to test the waters which she found not to be as tasty as before but continued to drink and invited her friends back. That didn’t stop those little black-and-yellow interlopers at all.

One hummingbird has dined here since with another closely watching the action but that’s it. What I need to know now is if you have any idea what I can do to return my yard to its former tranquil setting with hummers being the only ones with a territorial aerial display?

Da Juana

P. S. Maybe I should have checked my to see if naughty neighbors would offend me.