I am a woman!

Today, I heard a friend tell me that he was so upset with the Republicans, of which he is one, that he would vote for a Democrat next time as long as they didn’t run Hillary Clinton.

Now, you know how much I like to think and this really started me to thinking. I grew up in a time when women doctors were few and far apart. You had a few women draftsperson but no engineers. Women took the jobs that men didn’t want. As a matter of fact, I had many boss’s make sexual advances toward me and I never thought of suing because that just wasn’t done at that time. But this statement really got me to thinking.

Why can’t a woman be president of these wonderful United States of America? Is it because we women are jealous of one another? Or because we think a woman isn’t strong enough? Just what is it? Women are the majority. We really have a chance to pick the people running our country. What does it say for us that we don’t demand that a woman run? It could be because of thinking women who run the country will age quicker just as every president we have seen has. Both Clinton and Bush have real pretty gray hair now. But their complexion does look pretty good. Then Clinton did have that heart surgery. Could that be why we don’t have viable women candidates? Or maybe it is all that mud slinging?

I know if I see a candidate, male of female, that has the same ideas I do and who gives me good information on how they will make my country better, I am going to vote for them whether they are Democrat or Republican, male or female, black or white and did I leave anything out? Tell me what you think because I really want to know.

Da Juana