I learned.

You know the ghost I told you about that came in shadow to me and that Cathy saw the next day. Well, he appeared to another friend of ours. She was a virgin to ghostly sightings. After she had been with Cathy, Connie and I at dinner, she went home. That night while she lay in bed with her husband sleeping, she felt someone sit down on the side of the bed. When she awakened, he got up, went over to her window and stood staring out a moment, turned, looked at her again and dissolved through the door.

Later, she wrote and told me what had happened but we didn’t talk for a while. When we did and she told me again about her first ghostly moment, it occured to me that this was the man who had come in shadow form to our house. I asked her to describe his hat. She said it was a cross between a cowboy and Tom Landry’s hat. That’s when I said sort of like a Dick Tracy hat. “That’s it, that’s it,” she exclaimed.

He told me that she reminded me of his wife. They had actions alike.

Isn’t it funny how small the world is?

When she was with Connie, Cathy and I, the energy level raised. That night after her vibrations had gone higher, she was able to see clearly a visitor from the other side.

Da Juana