I like a clean desk.

Not to say I’m a neat freak but……I like a clean desk.  By that I mean, I need to be able to see at least most of the wood on my desk top, not on my computer.  But you knew that, didn’t you?More...

When there’s clutter in my world, I can get depressed quickly.  My desk is generally where everything goes from our household, from mail to circulars to all the other items usually found close to a desk.  And Claude, my husband, looks for a new spot each time he deposits the mail.  It drives me loony…didn’t want to use the word crazy.  Besides, it sounds more like lunar and I like that word.

For a change, I’ve been able to keep my workspace in a semblance of order.  I’m so glad because not too long ago I was about to have a meltdown.  It wouldn’t have been pretty.  I had finally gotten my desk so that you could see some wood over about seventy-five percent of it.  The next morning I come in to work and you guessed it, could barely see five percent.  It was overwhelming. 

For a moment I stared at this unkempt piece of oak.  Then I took a breath and proceeded to pick up papers, trashing those we didn’t need and keeping those we did.  It didn’t take long but it was the thought of finally I was able to spring clean and enjoy it.  Then the very next day it was back again.  I know it’s a workspace but I have to have some order in my life.  I started here. 

Now, I’m pleasantly working again and enjoying it more.  It’s amazing what a little oak can do for you.

Da Juana