I love nuts.

I love nuts.  No, not my friends who are nuts.  But I love them too.  I’m talking nuts that come from shells.More... 

My favorite nut is probably the Macadamia, hard to spell but good to eat.  I started liking them when I had them in Hawaii.  Almost anything from Hawaii is very good.  One of these days I’d like to go back there.  The people were fabulous but most Americans are.  The islands were beautiful.  Gosh, I’m missing that weather and those wonderful flowers. 

I think Macadamias originate there but I could be wrong.  I got them in chocolate candy there and fell in love.  Then, upon returning home, I tasted them without cover.  They’re almost buttery.  Macadamias do more than taste good they make me remember that wonderful working vacation in Hawaii.

My next favorite nut is the Brazil nut and I’ve never traveled to its originating country, which I think might be Brazil but I’m very unsure.  I know it’s somewhere in South America but not sure where.  It too has that buttery texture.  Guess you have guessed by now that cows are a favorite too because of the butter content.

Pecans are good ole American I think and they’re wonderful too as are peanuts.  Most nuts have my blessing including my friends.  After all, I’ve been accused of being one for much of my life.

Da Juana