I saw a beautiful long-haired, about forty-pound dog lying dead.

Right after Madeline, my dog, died while I was driving to the gym I saw a beautiful long-haired, about forty-pound dog lying dead in the middle of a four lane road where it was obvious it had been hit by a car only minutes or moments before.

As I sat at a stop light, my first thought was, “Oh no. Not right after Madeline.” Selfishly I thought that it was too much too soon. Generally I say a prayer for the soul of the dead animal and did after a while but at the time I thought about how life was cut short for this lovely animal.

That’s when I noticed a black, short-haired, street-wise dog step off the curb, throw caution to the wind and run to the middle of the road. He smelled his friend, saw there was nothing he could do and turned to scurry back to his original place at the same time a car was barreling down the road in front of me.

My next thought was for that black dog because I thought the lady wouldn’t be able to stop in time and he’d be lying there next to his friend, a needless loss of two wonderful lives. And then I thought of the fact that I was about to watch another life end, there again being selfish.

To my amazement, thankfully, the lady stopped and the black dog got to the curb.

My reason for sharing this is not to make you aware of the death of this animal but to mention friendship. You could plainly tell that the wily black dog knew he was taking a chance when he stepped into the road to check on his friend but he was ready because he loved his companion.

Some might say he was just curious but I know differently. He had to see if the dog were alive and to say goodbye which he did with a gentle kiss while the soul of the dead dog hovered above. He was aware that he might give his life too but chanced it anyway. How many humans would do that?

The love of a dog!

Da Juana

P. S. If you’d like to see my little Madeline, please visit www.puppydogname.com and you’ll see her smiling face right there.