I seem to work for compliments.

Like everyone should feel or at least I think they should, the best part of work is the compliments. I seem to thrive on them. When people write, call or just plain tell me that I have helped them, it fills my heart with joy.

I have been known to work for hours on some crime, animal or some other need without being paid. All I ask is that I am not taken advantage of and sometimes I ask to find out how it all came out.

Several years ago I helped a woman whose sister was missing. After telling the woman that her sister would return by next Tuesday and that she hadn’t been abducted and was fine, the only thing I asked the woman was that she tell me when her sister returned so I wouldn’t be worried for her. Well, she didn’t. I had to call to find out. And I got to hear, “Well, you told me she would come back and she did.”

Another such story was one where I was looking for a granddaughter, told the grandparents where she was, spent the whole afternoon with them finding the girl and then, as tired as I was and after trying to help all afternoon to find a missing person, the grandmother did something that clearly upset me. She asked when her son was going to get married. After all, I had been helping her all day for free. Bet she would have worked for her employer for free all day. And bet she helps a neighbor or stanger just the way I helped her….not…… Why wouldn’t I give her informtion then on future events for her and the family. Immediately, I looked at the clock and said, “You want to go on the clock now?” Then I told her how much I charge. See and that sounds so petty of me but……..You want to know what she said, “No, she just wanted to know.”

This woman and the other didn’t think of me. They were users and I bet they do that every day with others. You want to know what makes that kind of behavior OK with me even though it really isn’t and believe me, I see that kind of action a lot. The thing that makes me keep right on giving and going is people like this one….. “I can’t thank you enough for encouraging me as you have. Thank you so very much. I have trusted you for over a decade and now.. well, I just love you! Thank you !!!!” And thank God, I get more of those than the others. So you can see why I work for compliments. They make me feel as if I have accomplished something good.

Da Juana