I suddenly called out my puppy dog, Madeline’s, name

While out of town last weekend having drinks with friends I suddenly called out my puppy dog, Madeline’s, name.

For about fifteen or twenty seconds I sat dazed thinking of her for very good reason. She was at home with her sister and a very nice babysitter but she wasn’t okay at the time. My babysitter later told me that about the same time I called her name she had gone into a seizure that had only lasted for about fifteen seconds. Hopefully that was her last one.

While I sat drinking my favorite Dirty Absolute Martini, only because the olive juice is good for you along with the extra olives I ordered, pretty tipsy because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast unless a couple of Cheetos count and laughing with friends, my puppy called out to me through the spiritual phone service and I received her call.

Immediately, utilizing the psychic I projected to her and knew something wasn’t quite right. Since I hadn’t received a phone call from the sitter I let it go but those at the table heard me quite loudly say her name and then go trance-like.

Her sitter thought it best not to ruin my mini-vacation by something that ended as suddenly as it came so I didn’t find out for sure until the next day.

The point I’m trying to make is that your loved ones do phone home or anywhere you are when in distress. On a psychic level they can be helped, if they desire, by telepathy.

She’s been fine since and I look forward to better health with her although I know we choose our death. When she decides it’s time, like her previous very much loved sisters I can do nothing but love her and give her my support.

Da Juana

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