I think more women do than men

Thinking is one of those things that I think more women do than men. Men seem to fly by their coattails while women really have to think emotional issues over, reviewing history so that they try not to make the same mistake again. Or is that just me talking because I’m a woman?

My friends tell me that I think too much. But like Descartes (I think, therefore, I am) I think not.

Spiritually you want to be mindful of lessons you’ve experienced before and might have to look at yet again so that you’re not failed to repeat them for perpetuity. Or so I think.

My life, as is yours, is one spiritual lesson after another and it doesn’t matter the subject. Knowledge and then putting awareness into action is the manner in which to accomplish letting your higher self know you’ve learned a particular lesson.

Yeah, you have a higher self, the one that explains that what you’re doing right now might not be the best thing for you even when you’re sure you’re going to engage in the act. You know what I mean. Some call it conscious and some, like me, call it ghosts. It’s actually the ghost of you who knows all, you’re future, past and present and can help you make informed decisions if only you’ll listen.

And, don’t think I’m getting high-and-mighty on you because there’ve been plenty of times that I knew I shouldn’t do something and did it anyway just like Bill Crosby’s little kid story of getting the cookie from the cookie jar. “If you don’t want it, can I have it?” And that’s even knowing its wrong for you.

There are some items I’m really thinking of now, perhaps with longing and like that cookie it’s looking good. Spiritually I’m asking all the right questions but will I taste this lesson again? You see; at least I know that it’s purely a transcendental event that I need to come to terms with before I finish this life. Am I up to it? I hope.

Da Juana

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